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Covid-19 changed the conversation for employers globally. Leaders were plunged into uncharted territories and asked to transform. Not just physically with the pivot to remote working but also at an institutional level. Organisations have been forced to ask and answer key questions all related to the health and wellbeing of their employees. ​

In early 2022, as we settle into the new normal, we are now seeing the impact of these choices on our businesses. ​As competition for talent hots up the most eligible candidates are assessing future employers on their approaches to employee health and wellbeing.  ​Questions like, ‘do you allow staff to work remotely’ and ‘will you accept flexible working to accommodate working parents’ are included in the  interviewees’ checklist. ​

This is an overt example of how our approach to employees impacts our business performance – without the right policies embedded we will not secure and retain the best talent. ​But there is so much more to it than that. ​High performing employees underpin high performing businesses.  Employee health, wealth and wellbeing has a direct impact on the bottom line. ​

This is also an important contributor to the national agenda. As the United Arab Emirates strives to position as one of the best places to live and work in the world it is vital that employers in both the private and public sector ensure that the companies represented on the global marketplace have world class practices in place to ensure attractiveness.  To support Brand UAE as a destination for talent. ​Connected with the business community of the UAE the Middle East Economic Digest, MEED, is positioned to access local employers. Trusted and with a track record of running successful campaigns to identify, reward and recognise best practice MEED is also expert at running credible awards programmes. ​

We have chosen 2022 to relaunch our Corporate Health and Wellbeing Awards.  The programme was disrupted by the pandemic, however, as employers are now getting into the new normal  it is time to return to celebrating the best employers of the UAE.  ​

We are calling for entry submissions from companies of all sizes. Those leaders driving the region forward as they work to attract, retain and grow the best talent.  ​

We would like to hear about the programmes that are being developed and sustained to ensure that employee physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing is protected, and the impact of these initiatives on overall business performance.​

Entries Deadline: 15 July 2022 

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Corporate Health & Wellbeing Awards winners are recognized for their achievements in the United Arab Emirates:

News Release: Winners are announced across MEED’s social media channels, news releases distribution to MEED’s growing network of close to 20,000+ recipients, MEED Business review (a renowned senior management business magazine) & Press Releases. Winners are encouraged to share the news as well.

Winner Soundbites: At the event, winners will have a short Q&A session facilitated by MEED. These soundbites will be later relayed across MEED communication channels & distribution list of industry professionals.

In-person Award Presentations: Corporate Health & Wellbeing Awards winners are announced at the awards reception.

The Trophy: Winners will receive a beautiful trophy (one per award) at the awards reception.

The awards reception gives an exclusive opportunity to network in person with finalists & winners, deepening the understanding of the corporate health & wellbeing across sectors in the United Arab Emirates.