Entry Guidelines 

  • There are 13 categories in total which are grouped under:
    • Supporting Staff – Mental, Physical, Financial, Social Wellbeing
    • Talent Management – Attracting, Retaining and Developing Talent
    • Corporate Health and Wellbeing Champions
  • Our categories are shaped to reward the organisations holding themselves to best practice in human capital management. We will highlight the companies and people making strides to:
    • Support staff through challenges
    • Encourage healthy behaviours
    • Implement best practice in employee wellbeing
    • Attract, recognise, reward and develop talent
  • We are keen to hear about leadership engagement, employee involvement, sustainability, integration and alignment with business values. We would like to see how your projects run continuously, to hear how they are evolving and if they are replicable.
  • Participants are free to enter as many categories based on the eligibility criteria.
  • Entries once started must be completed or all un-saved data will be lost.
  • Certain entries will demand for facts and figures to be shared. Be open to support your submission with the same. This will help the judges in having clarity and ease the evaluation process.
  • It is made explicit the entrant, judges and the publication will treat any and all information in strict confidence and any quotes or information to go into the public domain will be pre-cleared by the entrant.
  • Submissions made after the publicised cut-off date will be ignored irrespective of their relative merits.
  • The judges reserve the right to move a submission to a more appropriate category at their discretion.

*Entries once started must be completed or all un-saved data will be lost

*Entries Deadline: 15 July 2022

For support on the entry process, selecting categories or the entry criteria, please contact Marissa Bautista +971 (04) 818 0352